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Start Small With Innovations

A mistake that many people make when they decide to implement innovation into their organization is taking on too much at once.

There are many advantages to encouraging innovation in a business organization, but it’s unreasonable to attempt to implement innovation in every area of the business at once. Instead, it’s better to focus attempts in one particular area.

Is there a project that needs to get off the ground, but is still in the planning stages? Is there a new product that needs to be developed? Is there a customer base for you company that you’ve identified as being under served? Is there an area in your organization where there is a problem an area of the business where things are not going smoothly?

Identify one of these areas or aspects of the company and specifically encourage innovation in regards to this particular problem.

An innovator in this area, Peter Drucker, said that when it comes to innovation, you should keep it simple and focused, keep it small work on one specific thing and don’t diversify into too many things at once.

If you attempt to innovate and undershoot, all you’ve done is create an opportunity for the competition and give them ideas.