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Ultradian Rhythm

Ultradian Rhythms

Ultradian RhythmWe’ve all heard of Circadian Rhythms, the natural 24 hour daily cycle that our bodies go through.  On the other hand, Ultradian Rhythms, are periods that are shorter than a day, and typically longer than one hour.  Ultradian Rhythms are naturally occurring cycles in the body, such as hormonal release, thermoregulation,  and eating. This article by shows you how you can tap into these naturally occurring rhythms to maximize your body’s productivity. They refer to this state where you’re acting in the highest mental capacity as “Hero Mode”.

To figure out the times when your most productive and have the highest level of concentration, you go through a process of determining and building your perfect schedule. For each hour the day, you document the amount of physical energy, concentration, and mood.  They are scored from 1-low to 3-high. At the end of this 5-day process , you have an diagram, or graphic that shows you when you’re most alert during different times of the day. The article includes links to a spreadsheet and other helpful tools for creating your own chart. The article further suggests, that most of these cycles occur between 90 and 120 minutes. At the end of these periods, they suggest that you drink some water, have a small snack, and disengage in what you’re working on. This ensures that you’re working at your optimal mode.