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“Green” is Just Another Color of Innovation!

We posted a blog and press release last week about a great new initiative for Earth Day.  Flagpole wants to help companies become more “green” and “sustainable”  by offering our innovation software.  The program was designed to assist companies that are not currently collecting ideas for Green initiatives and projects to quickly implement a solution for gathering suggestions in this area.  We knew that by applying the principles of Open Innovation, companies would find a lot of great ideas for improvement.

The reponse has been great and Flagpole has now implemented such “Green Idea Challenge” sites for some of our existing customers, as well as some brand new organizations that we’ve never worked with before.  We’ll be running our contests and “Green Idea Drives” through Earth Day, and some have even chosen to extend the program indefinitely. We couldn’t be more thrilled to be helping companies honor Earth Day by becoming more sustainable. 

We look ahead and see another great opportunity for a similar event in the very near future - World Environment Day on June 5.  Sanctioned by the United Nations’ Environment Programme, WED is a Global Effort to raise awareness, jumpstart local programs, and motivate folks towards a common Green goal.  As Pittsburghers ourselves, MindMatters is proud that our city has been chosen as 2010’s North American Host City and we’ll be putting a lot of effort into special events to honor this important day.  More on all that later!

In the mean time, we would like to congratulate the companies that are taking part in our Earth Day initiative.  We’re seeing some great Green ideas come in from all over the World and we honestly hope that success continues way beyond Earth Day!