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Lean Management Blunders to Avoid for Hospitals

Although many hospitals sing the praises of Lean Management, there is still plenty of room for error, especially if implemented half-heartedly. By keeping an eye on the following problem areas, hospitals can continue to reap the benefits of Lean and prevent it from becoming another “flavor-of-the-month” fix to administrators, physicians and staff.

Free White Paper: 5 Ways to Improve Hospital Employee Engagement by the End of the Day

Companies in all industries can benefit from better employee engagement, but hospitals are particularly susceptible to the effects of low morale and employee involvement. Without it, your improvement efforts may be for naught. Read this paper to learn 5 quick secrets to improving engagement in your hospital.

Vision for a Lean Hospital

Mark Graban is the author of the book Lean Hospitals. In a recent blog post, Mark details his thought process while updating the latest edition. In the blog, he shares some great insights on what a Lean Hospital should look like to patients, employees, and staff.

There’s More to Innovation Than Good Ideas

Great article on employee feedback from Nilofer Merchant, author of The New How. See what happens when leadership sets unrealistic goals without first getting a “reality check” from front-line staff.

Free White Paper: Merging Innovation and Project Management

Many companies have no shortage of ideas coming in, yet struggle with validating and implementing the best ones. Others manage projects strictly, but need a little help filling the pipeline. A merging of “front-end” innovation principles with project management designed for innovative companies, may be your secret weapon.

Can Lean and Innovation Co-exist in Your Company?

If the goals of both are to involve your employees in improving processes, leveraging cost reductions, increasing efficiency, and eliminating waste, then it’s time to align Lean with Innovation.

Article: Six Sigma: Avoiding the Seven Deadly Sins

An article from ASQ which answers the question, “Why do some Six Sigma programs underperform?” They suggest better project selection and performance management as potential keys to success.

YouTube Video: Stage-Trak Hospital Demo Clip

Learn how hospitals are collecting valuable ideas and improvement projects from staff and putting them into action using this straight-forward collaboration tool.

Memorial Hospital’s Innovation Cafe

WSJ article about South Bend’s Memorial Hospital and their CEO’s approach to getting medical staff involved in innovation.